New Code Update:
New Code Update: as of January 1, 2011, ALL FIRE DOORS, including swing doors, are required to be inspected and tested annually. A written record must be kept. Please let us know if you'd like more information on this topic. We would be happy to explain the details. Talk to Joe Nelson, our resident code compliance expert!
Facility Manager Certification:
Facility Manager Certification: Are you looking to improve your status in the industry or with your employer? Through Facility Manager Associations that we belong to, certification programs for plant and facilities people are now available. Getting your accreditation not only enhances your credentials, but also gives you the opportunity to network with other facility managers that are pursuing the cutting edge among their peers. Talk to Jeff Rinderle for details.
Summer is Here!:
Summer is here! This is a great time to be pro-active in your door maintenance. Call us today to learn more about our preventive maintenance programs. A growing portion of our customer base has found that preventive maintenance keeps the doors running smoothly and minimizes down time when the cold weather and high door usage returns. Keep your facility at peak performance, call us soon for a complimentary visit from one of our experienced sales consultants.
New Staff:
New Staff: Due to our growth and continuous quest for the highest quality team, we are currently looking for hard working, service technicians with positive attitudes and a goal to exceed customer expectations. Please check out our Careers page for an explanation of the position. We look forward to having you on our team!