Philosophy & Values

Do What's Right

Our philosophy (or motto) is extremely short, yet it permeates through every aspect of our business. Whatever the circumstance, our value structure makes us live and die by doing what is right and just. We believe it's the only way to go!


In 2002, we were honored with the Joe Caputo Dealer of the Year Award. This award from the “International Door Association” is given to a company within the door industry that represents honesty, integrity, and is respected within the community. We are both proud of this honor... and humble enough to not rest on our laurels.

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The Rinderle Creed

The Rinderle Door Family Creed hangs in a spot for all to see when our team enters the building. It’s the culture that we are committed to creating, and a guideline for serving our customers.

I look forward to working with your staff. I have always found them to be professional, friendly and a pleasure to have in our facility.— Marylin, Wholesale Facility
Serving Southeast
Wisconsin Since 1983