Commercial Door Service & Maintenance

Our service technicians are cross-trained to service every product category of the commercial door industry. We are well versed in repairing even the unusual systems that others will not work on. With our 24hr On-Call Program, we are available at any time to help. You can always talk to a live person. Isn’t that refreshing!? Before we come out to your location, we ask the appropriate questions to get the proper details and know your expectations so we are prepared to take great care of you. Welcome aboard!

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Commercial Door Service in Milwaukee and Beyond

Since the early 1980s, we have been a trusted name for commercial door service and maintenance in Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas. That's over 40 years of experience, so when you choose Rinderle for your commercial door services, you know you're in good hands. 

How Can We Help?We serve facilities throughout southeast Wisconsin with a comprehensive list of services:
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Consultation/Estimates
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections
  • Efficiency Enhancements
  • Security Fortification
  • Installations
  • Seminars/Training
  • Large Parts Stock
A Full Line of Door ProductsOur 35+ years of research will expedite your search for the right product:
Rolling Doors, Grilles & Screens
High Speed Traffic Door Systems
Sectional Garage Doors and Openers
Dock Seals, Shelters, and Equipment
Horizontal Siding & Folding Type Systems
Pedestrian Swing Entry Doors and Hardware
Operator System & Activation Devices
Specialty Products andCustom Applications
Ventilation & ClimateControl Doors/Accessories
Any Environment, Any FacilityOur service technicians work in all kinds of environments on a daily basis, such as:
Manufacturing Industrial
Food Beverage
Medical Pharmaceutical Healthcare
Commercial Property
Schools Higher Ed
Houses of Worship
Warehousing Distribution

Common Services for YOUR Type of Facility

Manufacturing Industrial

  • Heavy Duty Insulated Overhead Doors
  • Dock Levelers & Equipment
  • High Speed Doors & Traffic Doors
  • Front Glass Entrances & Exit Doors
  • Screen Doors & Ventilation Products
  • Fire Door Testing & Inspection
  • And More... if you don't see it, please ask!

Food Beverage

  • Heavy Duty Insulated Overhead Doors
  • Dock Systems & Seals
  • Corrosion-Proof Door Systems
  • Stainless Hardware & Equipment
  • Traffic Doors
  • High Speed Breakaway Food Grade Doors
  • Fire Door Testing & Inspection
  • And More... if you don't see it, please ask!

Commercial Property

  • Heavy Duty Insulated Door Systems
  • Radio Controls & Access Systems
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • ADA Door Systems
  • Fire Door Testing & Inspection
  • And More... if you don't see it, please ask!

Schools Higher Ed

  • Main Entrance & Exit Doors
  • Delivery Dock Doors & Dock Equipment
  • Gym Dividers & Wall Systems
  • Gym Equipment (hoops, nets, cages)
  • Bleacher Service & Maintenance Inspections
  • ADA Openers & Inspections
  • Fire Door Testing & Inspection
  • Door Hardware
  • Presentations
  • And More... if you don't see it, please ask!

Houses of Worship

  • Main Entrances (Modern, Historical & Decorative/Custom)
  • Exit Doors & Hardware (For Egress & Security)
  • Fire Rated Door Testing & Inspection
  • ADA (Automated) Entrances/Operators
  • Accordion or Partition Divider Doors
  • School Services (see School/University Services)
  • Access Control Assistance (Scheduled Events)
  • And More... if you don't see it, please ask!

Medical Pharmaceutical Healthcare

  • Main Entrances (Manual & Automated)
  • Exit Doors & Hardware (Egress & Security)
  • Fire Rated Door Testing & Inspection
  • ADA (Automated) Entrances/Operators
  • Corrosion Resistant Door Systems
  • Parking Garage Doors, Gates & Equipment
  • Parking Structure Doors
  • Pharmaceutical Door Systems
  • Dock Doors, Levelers & Equipment
  • And More... if you don't see it, please ask!

Do You have a Maintenance Program?

A growing trend in business today is the implementation of regularly scheduled maintenance programs. We have an ever-expanding list of customers who have us perform maintenance at their desired intervals (annual, bi-annually, quarterly and monthly) to save them money on costly repairs from major breakdowns by catching a small problem before it becomes a colossal dilemma. Preventing downtime and costly repairs is a lifesaver for most facility managers. They are able to keep an intelligent, watchful eye on their doors and equipment by having regular check-ups. We use a multi-point inspection form on every PM, which is custom designed to ensure a thorough overview is done, and serves as a report for our customers to review.

Catching a simple hairline crack on a PM Program can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime if your system fails at the wrong time.

Common Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Overhead Sectional & Rolling Doors
  • High Speed/Performance Doors
  • Underground/High Traffic Doors
  • Dock Levelers & Restraints
  • Standard/Fire Rated Pedestrian Doors
  • Bleacher & Gym Equipment
Core 4 by Rinderle Door
I look forward to working with your staff. I have always found them to be professional, friendly and a pleasure to have in our facility.— Marylin, Wholesale Facility
Serving Southeast
Wisconsin Since 1983